Independent Fee-Only Fiducuaries

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Did you know that many so-called financial advisors are legally allowed to put their interests before yours?  Sadly, it’s true.  It’s called the “suitability standard”.  All that means is that certain financial professionals are primarily salespeople.  They are paid commissions to sell you products.

Even the nicest salesperson is likely pressured by their management to generate higher commissions.  This clearly sets up a conflict between what is best for you, and what is best for them.

At Guided Wealth Management, we don’t work that way.  We are not salespeople. Instead, we are a Registered Investment Advisory firm.  That means we are held to a much higher standard called the Fiduciary Standard.  We are legally obligated to put your interests first.  Always.

We also are independent. We aren’t pressured by a corporate office to sell our own products, which usually carry higher fees.  Instead, we simply recommend investments for you that do the job for the lowest cost, keeping more of your money working for you.

Guided Wealth Management is also a Fee-Only advisor.  That simply means that we don’t accept any commissions.  We only get paid by fees you pay to us.  Just like you pay your tax preparer, a lawyer, and your hairdresser.  There’s no one else who is paying us—our loyalty is only to you.

These issues are all really important.  If you don’t choose carefully, you risk working with a firm that may want to put your money into higher fee products or to buy and sell actively in your account.  Over time, this is extremely detrimental and can make the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars to you in the future.

The moral here?  Only consider advisors who are fiduciary, fee-only and independent to help ensure that you are getting advice you can trust.  Of course, we’d love you to pick Guided Wealth if we’re a good fit, but if you don’t, please take care to pick someone who conforms to these high standards.  There’s too much at stake.

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