Who's Watching Your Money?

Keeping Your Money Safe

Choosing the right advisor is just part of it.  It’s also vital to know who will be safeguarding your funds. To ensure your money is safe, your advisor shouldn’t hold it.  Good advisors don’t want to!  They simply want to provide you with investment management, coaching and advice.  Instead, the best advisors use something called an outside custodian to hold your money.

With an outside custodian, you get several benefits.  First you will get reporting from a second source.  You will also have insurance and the security systems of a very large corporation that is in the business of safeguarding funds.

Ideally, the custodian should be a well-known brand name you recognize.

At Guided, your money will be held with one of these well-established custodians:

  • Schwab (safeguards over $2 trillion of client assets as of February, 2017.
  • Betterment (safeguards over $5 billion of client assets as of February, 2017.
*Betterment uses Betterment Securities for taxable accounts and Sunwest Trust for IRAs

Remember Bernie Madoff?  He acted as his own custodian.  No matter who you hire, we recommend you always make sure the advisor you choose uses a name-brand independent custodian.

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