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We get it.  Getting started with a financial advisor can feel intimidating…awkward…you name it.  The sheer thought of sharing all your financial information makes most people avoid ever getting expert help.  Sadly, it’s no surprise that financial stress is so widespread and most people never reach their financial goals.

The fact is we all can greatly benefit from financial help. Like going to a doctor for medical help, or going to a lawyer for legal help, it’s smart to consult an expert, especially with your future at stake.   Here at Guided Wealth, we understand that it can be uncomfortable to share your finances with a stranger.  We don’t judge…because we’re human too!  And as financial advisors, we’ve pretty much seen it all.  No one’s finances are perfect.  Especially if you’re a busy person, there’s going to be some learning experiences and things to clean up.  We’d be shocked if there wasn’t!

The good news is we have designed our system to be user-friendly and non-intimidating, so getting set up is easy.

When you start working with us, whether it’s through the free service, or not, you’ll input your personal information into our secure wealth management platform, emX by eMoney Advisor.

Isn’t that a lot of work to enter everything?

Not at all.  Our wealth management platform will automatically load your account information for you.  It makes it easy.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes!  Security is very important to us.  Read about our platform’s security here (link to what we do/security section).

Will I receive a lot of phone calls and spam?

No!  We hate spam and telemarketing too.  We’ll send you account related email.  Otherwise we may send you occasional email but you may opt out at any time.  We won’t call you unless you want us to.

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